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Whether you live in a region that gets bitterly cold or not, an engine block heater may be ideal for you and your engine.

Engine block heaters are often needed in cold climates for engines that have difficulty starting when its cold. This is especially the case for diesel engines which will not start if it is too cold outside.

There are a variety of engine block heaters available on the market. We recommend staying away from magnetic heaters and dipstick heaters as they generally offer limited benefits. A good engine block heater will install in an easy to access frost plug (freeze plug) in most cases. Some diesel engines and construction equipment may require special installation instructions and methods.

In addition to preventing the wear and tear from starting up an extremely cold engine, an engine block heater can also make it more comfortable for the driver and occupants of the vehicle. With an engine block heater warming the engine coolant, the blower motor will blow warm air from the moment the vehicle is started.

Installing an engine block heater is a relatively simple process. Most engine block heaters come with instructions and the better block heaters simply install a heating coil (see image to the upper left) into an available freeze plug hole to warm the engine coolant. An electrical line from this heating coil is routed to a location where you can easily plug and unplug the engine block heater. Of course there are other heaters as well, some of which splice into the upper radiator hose. Which type of heating product you need for your vehicle depends on the type of engine being heated.

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Please remember that even if the temperatures do not get bitterly cold, an engine block heater will reduce the wear of starting a cold engine. This alone may be worth the minimal expense of an engine block heater, which can range in price from $20 to $150.


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